Jobs @ Visualeyes
AnnTheo - Portfolio Update
AnnTheo - UP
Golden Retriever -
Timmo Schreiber - Uber Eats
AnnTheo - RED
Golden Retriever - Bleckout
Timmo Schreiber - We Protect Kids
Golden Retriever - Mutti
Timmo Schreiber - Hamburger Energiewerke
Orlando - Kyorin Hospital
Veronika Kieneke - Greenpeace Switzerland
Production Assistent Internship
Yves Bachmann on stay in Cape Town
Visualeyes has planted 1500 trees!
Carioca CGI - Denner
Yves Bachmann - Alpian
Roger Weber for LOEV Jewelry
Yves Bachmann - Groupe Mutuel with Numéro10
Markus Mueller - Jackpots with Family
Timmo Schreiber - Hagebau 2022
Markus Mueller - Migros Gift Book, with Wirz
Yves Bachmann - Sunrise Swiss Ski Sponsoring campaign
Eiko Ojala - FT Weekend Magazine
Niv Shank - Lacoste Kids - Studio
Elias Amari - Piaget Releases 2022
Elias Amari - From Inside Flowers
Lennart Ritscher - Equality Fragrances
Niv Shank - for Icon - Magic by the lake
Lennart Ritscher - Run
Veronika Kieneke - Greenpeace Switzeralnd
Niv Shank - Lacoste Kids - Streets of Paris
Yves Bachmann - St. Moritz Magazine with Winkreative
Guillaume Megevand - Luke McCann for On Running
New Illustrator: Theresa Sonnenberg
New 3D Animation Artist: NiceShit Studio
New Photographer: Niv Shank
New Photographer: Guillaume Megevand
New Multi Media Artists: Golden Retriever
New Illustrator: Teelke Limbeck
New Artist: Julia Buruleva
New Illustrator: Emma Schmid
New Photographer: Florian Schüppel
New Animation Artist: Chantal Caduff
New Illustrator: Delia Guerriero
New Illustrator: Frank Maier
New Illustrator: Kelsey Davis
New Photographer: Timmo Schreiber
New Illustrators: The Cabine Boys
New 3D Artist: Jenue
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