Photography & Motion

Linda is a visionary force in Berlin's creative scene, seamlessly blending her roles as a photographer and director with a passion for female empowerment, sustainability, and the exploration of future possibilities. With an unwavering focus on transformation, she crafts compelling narratives that resonate with audiences across various realms, from advertising to commerce, design to culture.

As an art director, Linda is the conduit through which ideas flow, adept at receiving, processing, and effectively communicating concepts. Yet, it's through her lens as a photographer that these ideas truly come to life, translated into vibrant visual expressions that captivate and inspire. With an acute understanding of the diverse needs of modern audiences, Linda's work transcends boundaries, delivering video and photo content that reflects the dynamic nature of our ever-evolving world.

Selected clients:

N26, The Female Company, Katjes, DM, Sloggi, Douglas, Dr Smile, Tempomedia, Antoni, UN World Health Summit, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Femtasy, C&A, Deichmann, Scholz & Friends, Jung von Matt, Happybrush, Les Lunes, Her One, compressed studio, Obscura, Julius Meinl, Juwi, Deepblue, Stan Studios, Manufactum, Liebeskind, Apollo Optik, Loveco, Jyoti - fair works, Startups for tomorrow, WMF, Hempvizer, Und Gretel, VPRO, Adobe, Sorbasshoes, Krombacher, Vulcaz, LVM, EyeEm, Versicherung, Fink & Zeisig, Juniper Lane, Michalsky, Polyploid, Kiezbett, Heimat, Outdoor Freakz, Kollektiv plus x, Studio Bosco, among others.

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