Photography & Motion

Timmo Schreiber has always felt the urge to picture his surroundings through his own perspective. During his education to become a photographer and photo lab technician, the world of photography was still analog.

Skateboarders such as Mark Gonzales came up with their first tricks, the Beastie Boys stood up for their right to party and Schreiber had the honor to play pool with James Brown. They were his inspiration and became his main theme. This made him spend time in the United States, Brazil, England und France. 

With his move to Hamburg in 1999, Schreiber worked as Photo Editor In Chief at blonde magazine. It not only allowed him to gain real insides of how a magazine functions, but also to establish a network. He took the opportunity to take over the Bernstein Bar in Hamburg`s St.Pauli district – a treasure for wonderful storylines.

Throughout the whole time Timmo continued to photograph, what has always been his true calling. The past 15 years his main focus is back on photography. Schreiber created a significant portfolio including a wide range of cover shoots, editorials, celebrity portraits und commercial shoots.

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