Photography & Motion

Markus Mueller was born in Dresden/ Germany. After his studies of history and political sciences at the university of Dresden he changed his mind and shifted his focus on photography. He soon after started his education at the Lette-Verein school for photography and got his diploma in 2003.

Today Markus Mueller lives and works in Berlin and he has been with Visualeyes since 2013.

Adidas, Deutsche Bahn, Hornbach, Deutsche Post, Levi’s, EDF, Volkswagen, HDI, Stern Magazin, Mercedes-Benz, Krombacher, 3M, BBI, Skoda, Das Handwerk, Migros, Coop, Axa, Cembra, Weber Grill, KPT, McDonalds, Nussbaum, Postfinance, Securitas, Swisscom and many more...

Client Award 2008, Epica Award Bronze 2008, Megaphonsieger Jahrbuch der Werbung 2009, Die Anzeige Bronze, Das Plakat 2009 Silber, Grand Prix ADC Deutschland  2009, Silber ADC Deutschland 2009, Bronze ADC Deutschland 2009, Auszeichnung ADC Deutschland 2009, ADC Europe Silver 2009, ADC Europe  Grand Prix  2009, ADC DEUTSCHLAND, SILBER, 2010, ADC DEUTSCHLAND, AUSZEICHNUNG, 2010, CLIO AWARD, BRONZE, 2011, ADC Deutschland, Auszeichnung 2012 and many ever after..

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