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Circo Visual is a vibrant, modular company that values individual qualities coming together to form a unified vision. Founded by longtime friends and creative partners Dragoș Coman and Andrei Stoleru, Circo Visual aims to capture the magic of both static and moving spectacles.

Dragoș and Andrei's journey began in fifth grade at Tonitza, continuing through high school, college, and 28 years in the creative industry. They worked together at Young&Rubicam from 1997 to 2005 and then spent the last two decades at Carioca Studio.

With this extensive experience, they launched Circo Visual, a flexible, multidisciplinary studio specializing in Photography, Directing/Digital, CGI/Production, postproduction, and new AI modules. Their unique approach blends creative magic, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge tools.

"Circo Visual combines spectacular creativity with a serious commitment to quality. We believe in embracing change and utilizing new tools alongside proven methods," say Dragoș and Andrei.

Join us as we explore Dragoș and Andrei's creative beginnings, their industry journey, technological transformations in 2024, and the launch of Circo Visual.

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Photography with CGI

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