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Meet Dragos Traistaru from Carioca Studio. Carioca is an image concept house, specialised in advertising, with international working experience and clients from all around the globe. The Studio was founded by 3 photographers with fine art, advertising and production backgrounds and knowledge. Amongst photography services Carioca also offer production services as well Illustration, CGI and postproduction. The studio of 200 m2 offers all facilities.

Carioca has been ranked amongst the 10 Best Ad Photographers and Illustrators of Lürzer’s Archive and have appeared not just in their special editions, but also on the cover and in various specials and interviews about their brilliant work.

Carioca's own personal projects are being exhibited in galleries and featured in cultural magazines.
Carioca Studio is based in Bucharest and known internationally.

We've been working with Carioca since 2012.


Ariel, Europcar, Fenistil, Ford, Head and Shoulders, KPMG, Philips, Play Station, Red Cross, Renault, Save the Children, Sky TV, Snickers, Sony, Voltaren, WWF, SSB and LOGIN, BSI Private Swiss Bank, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Nestlé, Kraft Foods, Mars, Toyota, Orange, Ferrero Rocher, Tier im Recht, P&G, Pro Juventute Elternclub and many more

Awards / Recognition

Gold Lions in Cannes in the categories Restaurants & Food & Press Silver Lions with miscellaneous works Gold for Press & Retail Services category at the EPICA Awards various awards at New York Festivals, Cresta Festivals, GrandPrix Romand de la creation many other nominations and prizes at various ADCs around the world.

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