Bianca Jelezniac, known professionally as Palette Box, is a talented illustrator and visual artist hailing from Bucharest, Romania. Currently, Bianca is in her sixth year at the University of Architecture, pursuing her master's degree and further honing her creative skills.

As a seasoned professional illustrator, she operates her own boutique studio, specializing in branding, crafting diverse visual elements for campaigns, and producing captivating editorial illustrations.

Bianca's fascination with drawing and illustration blossomed during her childhood, inspired by the enchanting world of storybooks. Her passion lies in creating images that narrate a tale and depict scenes relatable to people. Her artistic process typically commences with elementary geometric forms, gradually evolving into intricate compositions distinguished by vibrant colors and striking contrasts.

Bianca's exceptional work has garnered recognition from esteemed brands such as The Washington Post, Lidl, Samsung, Summer Well, Glo, McCann, and many more.

Her creative journey has been punctuated by exhibitions that showcase her extraordinary talent:

Red Bull - Doodle Art - Bucharest - 2023

The Mangrove Project: Coastlines of Panama - 2023

Moos Garden Gallery - Berlin - 2023

XR Month - One Night Gallery - Timisoara, Romania - 2022

Sneakers & Co - Bucharest, Romania - 2022

LAtechweek - Los Angeles, California - 2022

XR Month - One Night Gallery - Bucharest, Romania - 2021

Bianca's creative journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide, and her unique blend of storytelling through visuals is a testament to her boundless talent and dedication to the art of illustration. Explore her vibrant world of creativity and imagination.

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