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Matteo Bertolio, born in Milan in 1965, grew up in the artistic ambiance of the "Campo dei Fiori" natural park in Varese. His family had a strong artistic background, with his father being a constructive artist and archaeologist who established a studio and a museum of contemporary art.

Initially, Matteo studied chemistry and plastic materials while working in his family's business, specializing in paper and plastic packaging techniques. Later, he pursued military service with the Alpine Paratroop regiment in 1987 and ventured to New York, where he developed an interest in cinematography and visual arts. He enrolled in courses at the School of Visual Arts and New York University, earning his diploma in filmmaking.

His career in photography started on the sets of low to medium-budget films as a still life photographer, eventually transitioning to fashion and advertising photography. By 1990, he was working in the film industry in Rome. Since 1996, he has focused exclusively on fashion and advertising photography while being based in Milan.

In 1999, Matteo moved to Australia, where he married an Australian top model, driven by his desire to embrace adventure and avoid the "comfort zone." Beyond photography, he has a keen interest in blue tech, sustainability, and environmental matters, emphasizing travel and experience as his top priorities.

One of his notable experiences was a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan under the AEGIS of NATO and the Italian armed forces, resulting in an exhibition in Rome and Milan, as well as a book of his photographs titled "KM 5072."

Matteo Bertolio joined our agency in 2008, bringing his extensive experience in photography. He has collaborated with renowned brands like Ferragamo, Versace, Ann Demeulemeester, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat Lancia, and Oris. His work has graced the covers of fashion magazines such as L'Officiel, Tank, Elle, and Vogue. Matteo is the communicative force behind 11X, consistently conveying a dreamlike world inspired by nature through his erotic interpretation of humanity. In addition to his impressive photography career, Matteo Bertolio founded the jewelry company 11X Milano in 2018.

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