Photography & Motion

Guillaume Mégevand is a photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland, whose love for photography is a natural outgrowth of his easy-going personality and his innate ability to connect with people.

With a degree in communication in his pocket, Guillaume travelled the world with his girlfriend and discovered photography en route thanks to the camera his uncle gave him to document the trip.  After this experience, he spent two years in Thailand where he worked as a photographer's assistant in Bangkok. Upon his return to Geneva, he decided to freelance.

Whether he is photographing a grandmother in Kenya, a gorgeous model, an Olympic champion or a Swiss banker, Guillaume’s goal is to always have a completely honest and down-to-earth approach. He allows his subject's personality to shine since for him, the camera is a bridge connecting him to his subject rather than a wall he stands behind.  

If Guillaume is not on a shoot, you will probably find him running after one of his three young sons or cooking super spicy Thai food for which he will gladly share his favorite recipes!

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